Music Monday [Vol. 14]

New year, new music! I'm really excited to share this quick playlist with you all! :D It starts off with BANNERS, an artist that I've had on repeat lately, and I'm really hoping he releases some new stuff soon. Then, there's Firekid, Kaleo, and The Young Wild in the middle. And finally, you get a pretty epic track from Tribe Society. I wanted to start 2016 off with some epic tunes, and all of these songs fit the bill--especially if you want to pair them with your favorite soaring high/major-feels-inducing reads! ;) The vocals. The lyrics. The instruments. Take it all in!

"If your world falls apart, I'd start a riot / If night falls in your heart, I'd light the fire / In the dark, when you sound the alarm, we'll find each others arms..." - BANNERS

"Together in the great unknown, my love, together in the great unknown..." - The Young Wild

"Take my heart and put it in your pocket / Wear it like a locket and hide the key..." - Firekid

"You let your feet run wild / Time has come as we all go down..." - Kaleo

"Painted with passion, my favorite color...We could be free / Finally, we could be free..." - Tribe Society


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