Book Review: Untouchable by Cindy Skaggs

Untouchables, #1
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She'll do whatever it takes to find her son - Lie. Cheat. Steal. Seduce...

As the former wife of an infamous crime boss, Sofia Capri is untouchable. She exists outside of the law...and outside of the criminal world. When her son is kidnapped, Sofia's desperate to find him. She'll do anything. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Anything but trust. But it's a strikingly handsome FBI agent who's her only chance to get her baby back...

Something about Sofia's fiery beauty must be hitting all of his weak spots, because suddenly Mr. Law And Order Logan Stone finds himself bending the rules. When they're implicated in the kidnapping, Logan and Sofia discover a horrifying reality - they have less than 72 hours to find the boy and clear their names.

Now the heat is turning up...and time is running out...for everyone.


In the mood for a mob-fix, I blew through this book, ended up finishing in mere hours, and it was like I had sat down and watched a good action flick. Untouchable was a great fast-paced and action-packed read! All I needed was some popcorn!
"Never say no one can take your gun. That kind of arrogance will get you killed." 

She ejected the clip like a pro, tossed them on the bed, and walked from the room.
Sofia 'Ice Queen' Capri captured my attention from the start. In many mafia romances, the female leads often fit the innocent-damsel-in-distress type. Not Sofia. I love that the author gave her a stronger, more independent personality. After her son is kidnapped, Sofia doesn't cower. She isn't useless. She immediately sets out to find him on her own, and she's willing to do anything. She's methodical, well-versed in the mob lifestyle and the people she could be up against. As a mother fighting to save her son, there's an endearing vulnerability to her character, but as a woman who survived being the wife of a crime boss, she's also got a lot of fight in her.
"Do you doubt for a second that I'll kill you?" She gritted the question through clenched teeth. "Who has my son?"
That doesn't mean she has to do everything alone, though. The FBI has been keeping an eye on Sofia as a person of interest, and Agent Logan Stone has been her tail for the past two years. Even though Logan is technically on administrative leave, and involving himself with Sofia now could complicate things, one bomb and an unexpected encounter with Nick Calvetti himself later...Logan is determined to help Sofia find little Eli and bring him home safely. Throughout the story, Logan shares his history as an agent. You get a good sense of who he is, of his work ethic and what he believes in, and you truly understand why he would risk everything to help Sofia and Eli. *cue the awww's*
He stepped closer, his gaze searching hers in the dim light.
"This is wrong."
"Says who?"
"According to every code of conduct in the book."
"You're not an agent right now, Mr. Stone."
Of course, after all of the time Logan and Sofia spend together, the lines between agent and victim begin to blur. I love stories where people are thrown into extreme circumstances and are forced to work together, how a deeper connection eventually develops from being in such close proximity. In this case, Logan makes Sofia "the Ice Queen" open up again, gives her someone to trust. There were some great tension-filled moments between Logan and Sofia, and the attraction was teased throughout. However, I did wish the heat between them packed a little more punch. Some intimate scenes were short-and-sweet, but maybe too short? I really wanted to feel more between these two.
He wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her close. "I'm falling for you."

Sofia's throat ached to say the words, but instead, she whispered, "That's why he would kill you slowly."
The strong point, for me, was the suspense. I was really into the action and the mystery. Sofia and Logan are constantly looking over their shoulders, maneuvering their way through cities, avoiding law enforcement. There were other characters along the way, too, that made me question who to trust, made me question their motives. Who's an ally? Who's the bigger enemy? WHO HAS HER SON?! It kept things exciting and unpredictable. I especially loved the little surprises dropped here and there! I also liked the glimpses into the inner workings of the mob, the power rankings and the politics. Through Sofia's eyes, we see just how cruel and vicious that criminal underground--particularly her ex-husband Nick--can be. I even reached a point in the book where I started to wonder, "How the hell are they supposed to get out of this alive??" Ultimately, we're given one wild finale, where everyone's future is at stake!

I really enjoyed this one! The fast-paced, action-packed storyline. A tough heroine. A strong, protective hero. Untouchable gets the adrenaline pumping! My eyes were darting across the pages the whole time, eagerly taking it all in! This was the author's first romantic suspense, but I'm really excited to see what she comes up with next in this series. Vicki, Sofia's former sister-in-law, was really intriguing in all of her scenes, and I'm hoping this character gets her own book! Until then, grab your copy of Untouchable and buckle up for the ride!


When they told her a woman could do anything, Cindy thought they meant everything, and decided to give it a go.  Cindy holds an MA in Creative Writing from Regis University, is an MFA student at Pacific Lutheran University, works three jobs, is a single mom to two of the most active kids on the planet, pet owner, and child chauffeur extraordinaire.

She took her first job at age thirteen as a motel maid.  Since then, she has worked in myriad offices, at Spencer's Gifts, in a summer stock theater, a college library & art gallery, and more odd jobs than she’ll admit.  That was all before running away to join the Air Force where she saw nearly every state in the union and more countries than she can remember.

Following the Air Force, she worked as a travel agent, a retail store manager, and operated two small businesses before the a-ha moment hit.  Books!  Writing!  She now works in a library and teaches writing to college students while working on her novels. 

When she’s not writing, she’s trying to prevent the neurotic dog from either chewing the furniture or eating whole sticks of butter (often still in the paper).  She’s beginning to think maybe she can’t do it all.  At least not all at once.

*** ARC provided in exchange for an honest review ***