Book Review: The Accidental Assassin by Nichole Chase

The Assassins, #1
Ava McKenzie is a creature of habit. Life is passing her by and she has nothing to show for it. She’s had the same job since she started college, she orders the same dish every time she goes to her favorite restaurant, and only reads books from authors she knows. There is nothing new or surprising in her life… until her best friend marries a man from London. When her newlywed friend asks her to house-sit while she honeymoons, Ava jumps at the chance. She thinks this could be the very thing she needs to shake up her life. Ava throws herself head first into her new lifestyle; she wants to try everything, go everywhere, and never get stuck in a rut again. Of course, offing a man in a car garage hadn’t been one of the things on her list to try.

Owen Walker spends every day in a new place with a new case. As one of the most renowned assassins in the world, he has his choice of marks—and he’s never failed in a mission. When a new hit takes him back to his hometown, he looks forward to spending time somewhere familiar. What he isn’t expecting is to help an attractive, confused American woman find out how she’s ended up on a hit man’s list.

As Ava and Owen dodge bullets, will they be able to escape their undeniable attraction to each other? Or will all of that chemistry blow up in a shower of hot and dangerous sparks?


This just sounded like something I would totally love, and I'm so glad I picked this one up! Ava is a woman in search of something more fulfilling in life, so London is a much-needed change in scenery, an opportunity for adventure. All of that takes on a whole new meaning, though, when she finds herself mixed up in the wrong place, at the wrong time...and an execution-gone-awry forces her to go on the run with a trained killer! Not exactly what she had in mind when she wanted to "shake life up"...Whoops! ;) However, the mysterious hitman that whisks her away? He might be exactly what she needs!

The Accidental Assassin was such a fun read! I had an absolute blast, flying through the pages! (The first note that I put into my Kindle was: *squeeee* :D) It's a fast-pace read that follows Ava and Owen across Europe, alternating between their points of view, and had just the right blend of action, drama, humor, and hot romance. 

Ava was not a typical damsel in distress, but had a bright, sassy personality from the get-go, and Owen had the intelligence and precision of an experienced assassin, but could disarm you just as easily with his charm and flirting! *melts on the spot* Instant attractions are often hit or miss, but these two were definitely a HIT for me! (Pun may or may not be intended...) I *got* the sparks and the chemistry. I adored the teasing banter. Real laugh out loud moments! It seemed like I was highlighting everything, from the moment I opened the book!
"Has anyone ever told you that for such a beautiful woman you have a very dirty mouth?" He smiled at me as my mouth worked silently. "I think I like the odd combination."
"Fuck you."
LOL! More of that, right?! *chants Yes! Yes! Yes!*
"You really do have a foul mouth." He leveled a disapproving stare at me.
"Are you kidding me? You're an assassin. Stop throwing stones."
"I manage to kill people while maintaining a sense of propriety."
"You kill people with a sense of propriety?" Laughter erupted from my mouth. "What? Do you leave a thank you note? Do you design your own assassin stationery?"
There were definitely a lot of questions about Ava and Owen's predicament, the who's and why's of what set their whole situation into motion, and I loved getting to see Owen use all of his resources to find the answers they needed! There were secrets and betrayals to be uncovered, and like any good spy/assassin movie, I wanted to see all of those fun weapons and tech scenes along the way, the game-planning and the ensuing fights! In the Accidental Assassin, you get all of that, but in a very Mr. & Mrs. Smith-like manner. It's action, but in a more light-hearted package. (Imagine Jason Statham in a rom-com!) This was a whirlwind that kept me on my toes and loving every second, from start to finish!
"And if I said I wanted you right now, here, against this dresser, moaning my name, what would you say?" He backed me against the wooden furniture so that my rear was pressed against the top ledge.

"I would say that there are people downstairs who would hear us." My body was screaming something else entirely, though. I bit my lip and managed to not squeak when he lifted me so I was sitting on the dresser.

"Do you find it hard to be quiet with me?"
Hiding out, getting closer as they spend more and more time together...*wink wink* Oooh, Owen gets to unleash his sexy side in full force!!! :P Ava and Owen were two people who had been existing--merely going through the motions of their every day routines--and this was a twist on the classic tale of two lone souls colliding, awakening something in each other, and finally living. As I mentioned before, this book moves at a fast-pace, but I really liked how Nichole Chase pulled it all off! Her writing made their relationship feel exciting and effortless, making me squee and happy-sigh over and over again!
"Stay with me," I said.
"You're dangerous," Ava pointed out.

"That's why you need me."
Nichole also wrote a fantastic variety of secondary characters. This is one of those reads where the dialogue just stands out, drawing me into every conversation, every interaction. Mavis, for example, is a fellow assassin and becomes Ava and Owen's biggest ally. I loved her! Smart, feisty, capable of taking charge. But even in a dire situation, she could make me laugh! Essentially fitting the whole vibe of this book!
"You were supposed to move left." Mavis glared at me. 

"Right. It's always right. Why the hell would we move left? We're right-handed!" I tried to bat her away, but it was ineffective.

"Then stop getting shot!" Mavis threw her hands in the air before kneeling to pick up one of her discarded knives.
You ever get on a rollercoaster and enjoy it so much that you immediately want to get back in line for another go? That was me with this book! I wanted to stick around in this thrilling world, with this interesting group, for a little bit longer! (I did a little digging and found out there is supposed to be a second book!) If you're looking for your next sweet and flirty read, but want something with a little extra kick, I absolutely recommend The Accidental Assassin!