Best of Book Love: 2014 Favorites

These are my Top 20 reads from 2014! (Aaand a few *honorable mentions...)

It was ridiculously hard to narrow this list down to just 20! (I may have counted books in the same series as "one" item...*cough*...) I thought that each one deserved their own special award, so check out my 2014 favorites and find out why they made the list! ;)

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| Wild Seasons series by Christina Lauren |

Best Happy Afterglow: What?! What kind of award is that, you ask? Well, allow me to explain...Definition of afterglow: good feelings remaining after a pleasurable or successful experience. Used in a sentence: I was totally basking in the afterglow of yet another fantastic Christina Lauren book. THIS SERIES GAVE ME A LOT OF GOOD FEELINGS. THE BEST FEELINGS. Starfished-on-the-ground feelings. I-need-to-live-tweet-this feelings. Each book lived up to their title perfectly...sweet, filthy, dirty, rowdy, yes to all of the above...and I was raving about them for days after I finished! Best happy afterglow!

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| The Call Series by Emma Hart |

Favorite Millionaire & Favorite Sassy Call Girl: Dayton Black and Aaron Stone are officially one of my favorite couples ever! She's a call girl. He hires her to pose as his girlfriend while he travels the world for business. The catch? They happen to be exes! They were young and in love once upon a time, and this is their hot, wild, lingerie-filled ride to a second chance! ;) #TeamStone #TeamBambi

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| Sweet Addiction series by J. Daniels |

Best Use of Frosting: AAAHHH, DYLAN SPARKS AND REESE CARROLL! *heart eyes* The cake decorator at a wedding meets one of the attractive guests...It's the random wedding hook-up that turns into something more! These books were totally squee-and-swoon worthy! I had an absolute blast while reading! Fun cast of characters, fantastic dialogue, and sweet, sexy romance! (Omg Reese's love letters omgggg...) So, where does the frosting come into play? Well, Dylan owns her own bakery, sooo...You'll just have to read in order to find out what happens with the frosting. :P

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| Sweet Little Thing & Nowhere but Here by Renee Carlino |

Favorite Happily Ever After: Sweet Little Thing is the follow-up to Mia and Will's story in Sweet Thing. Their path to a relationship was a long, difficult, and angst-filled one, they went through so much to finally be together, and Sweet Little Thing was the perfect happily ever after for these two! I laughed, super-grinned, and happy-sighed all the way to the end!

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Most Romantic Romance: Yeah, you read that right! Renee reached out to my heart and soul with this one! A touching, beautifully written story that had that perfect romantic charm! I mean...A vineyard in Napa. Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. Gourmet dinners, wine, and chocolates...And the hero?! Jamie was so quirky, smart, and charismatic! I loved him! I love love love this book!

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| Make It Right by Megan Erickson |

Favorite New Adult Couple: I know that a "Favorite Couple" award is a pretty big deal, but Make It Right is now one of my favorite books, ever. It was one of those these characters speak to me reads. I just get Max and Lea, and they will always have a very special place in my book-lovin' heart! I adored the humor and playfulness, I loved their chemistry, and I applauded their journey together! I always turn into a flailing mess when I talk about this book!

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| Charleston Haven series by Melissa West |

Favorite Ugly Cries: These were two of the most gutwrenching and raw reads for me in 2014! Ugly sobbing. Clutching my Kindle to my chest. They were about two young women who had to overcome extremely painful pasts, and each book holds a very powerful journey!

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| Off the Map series by Lia Riley |

Best Bicep...Okay, okay, seriously... Favorite Adventure Romance: This author debuted with a knockout New Adult series! It felt so wildly original, enchanting, and so refreshing! I absolutely adored Bran and Talia! There's a lot of traveling and outdoorsy stuff and gaaahhh it's in Australia! Each book in the series had something different, something eye-opening. I loved it all!

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| Calloway Sisters series by Krista & Becca Ritchie |

Most Unique New Adult Series: Krista & Becca Ritchie released 5 novels in 2014, and all of them were incredible. 5-star worthy. But if I had to name favorites...they would be the Calloway Sisters books. Kiss the Sky, although told from only Connor and Rose's points of view, brought six individuals together and let each striking character shine. The premise, the style, the voice...Everything was brilliant! I also have to mention that Ryke and Daisy (whose points of view are in Hothouse Flower) became my hands-down faaaavoriiiite couple in this series! Their personalities, their dynamic. *worships Hothouse Flower*

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| Dearest series by Lex Martin |

Most Highlights: This is another series with a great cast! I'll say it every time I mention the Dearest books...Personality, humor, and heart. This series is rich with all of those things. And ooooh, did I have fun highlighting quote after quote after quote! <333 The banter. The flirting. The kisses. *sighs and makes a little fish-kissy face* I was thoroughly wooed by Lex Martin's writing by the time I finished Dearest Clementine and Finding Dandelion!

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| Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine |

Standout Writing: This is book one in the author's Finding Fate series, and it's a PERFECT start. I feel an instant wave of nostalgia whenever I think back on Best Kind of Broken! This book expressed such touching messages about loss, grief, healing, forgiveness, hope, and love. It was wonderfully heart-gripping from start to finish. Chelsea Fine wrote beautiful, beautiful words on every page, and I fell in complete book-love!

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| Deeper by Robin York |

Standout Story: Deeper had a compelling concept--how does a young girl rebuild her life after private photos of her are leaked online by an ex-boyfriend? It sheds a light on the effects of double standards, online bullying, shaming...Deeper was an eye-opening story for the modern college girl, brought to life by the author's fresh, vibrant voice. A fantastic gem from 2014!


| Monster in His Eyes series by J.M. Darhower |

#1 Dark and Dangerous Love: If I had to recommend a romantic suspense novel from 2014 (or a romantic suspense novel period), 10 out of 10 times, Monster In His Eyes would be my first answer! I could shout from the rooftops all day long about Ignazio Vitale and Karissa Reed. This is a dark and dangerous love, but J.M. Darhower is a master at making the bad feel so good! The whole story is so intense!

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| Nocte by Courtney Cole |

The Holy Crap Amazing Book of the Year: As in, holy crap, this book was insanely amazing. Nocte is a hauntingly atmospheric and cunningly crafted tale, a highly engrossing read from start to finish! The most atmospheric book that I read in 2014! Perfect setting. Captivating characters. Distinct voice. A romance as enticing as the mystery. All of the things I love about suspense were well-executed--the anticipation, the mind-blowing. When I finished Nocte, it was one of the few times I felt genuinely awestruck and wanted to read it all again immediately!

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| Indebted series by Pepper Winters |

Most Addictive Dark Series: Indebted is only two books in, but I'm already addicted to this crazy ride with Jethro Hawk and Nila Weaver! I devoured each book. They made my mind race and my stomach turn, and certain parts were like a swift smack to the head like, Did that really just happen?! I reveled in that feeling! I was hanging on every word! Dear Pepper Winters, I am completely hooked! I'm already freaking out over teasers while I count down the days to Second Debt! 

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| Contracts & Deceptions series by Claire Contreras |

Craziest Business Deal: This is an erotic suspense duo, and what a rollercoaster these books were! From the gorgeous covers, to author Claire Contreras's beautiful writing, to the striking characters that fill this story, it has so many elements that I love! Mystery and thrill, angst and turmoil, and last but certainly not least, a romance that made my toes curl and my gut go crazy with butterflies! Colin and Amara...the tension between these two...*satisfied groan*

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| Black Lies by Alessandra Torre |

The Masterpiece: Black Lies was absolutely stunning. It was a brilliant and beautifully written novel, captivating from page one to book close. The storytelling had finesse. It was sleek, sultry, and mysterious. Alessandra Torre gave us her own little Rubik's cube, with so many moving pieces. I loved when it all came together, everything clicking into place!

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| Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy |

Most Kickass Book of the Year: Yup, I think Ruthless People was the most kickass book of 2014 for me. A mafia princess who could kick ass in a fight. Sharp dialogue. Crazy action scenes. I'm a huge fan of mafia romances, and if you are too, put this series on your reading radar! Power. Sex. Love. Drugs. Murder. Family.

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| Bang by E.K. Blair |

Biggest Hangover: The writing. This story. These characters...E.K. Blair's words reached straight for my heart, gripped it tight, and just controlled every beat. When it was through with me, Bang gave me the biggest hangover of the year! I was so emotionally exhausted after this book, and it seriously haunted my life for a few days...

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| Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert |

Favorite Not What They Seem Couple: In Pretty Little Things, Teresa Mummert weaved a dark, complex tale! The more you learn about Annabel and Colin, you just want to delve deeper into the rabbit hole! Their scenes were so gripping, so spine-tingling. There's an intriguing twist to their relationship...

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| Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton |
Long-awaited Sequel: Wallbanger is one of my all-time favorites, so its sequel has to go somewhere on this list! It's got snappy comedy, sweet-sexy romance, and a good heartfelt life story. I adore Simon and Caroline!
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| Off the Record by K.A. Linde
Favorite Dirty Politician: *dreamy sigh* Brady Maxwell III. By "dirty", I mean, he likes to talk and play dirty behind closed doors. ;) This was one of my favorite "secret" romances! A state senator sneaking around with a reporter!*squeee*
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| Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank |

Favorite Obsession: Provocative. Chilling. This was an utterly mesmerizing teacher-student romance! There are some psychological twists to this story...regarding love, madness, obsession. I loved every heart-pounding second!

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| In the Company of Killers series by J.A. Redmerski |

Books I Want to See Turned Into a Movie: One of my top recommended series! If you haven't noticed from my list yet, I have a love for darker reads. In the Company of Killers is packed with thrilling action and complex characters, and Redmerski's writing is so vivid that it all plays out like a movie!

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