Book Review: Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren

Wild Seasons, #2
From the New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player, Book Two of the brand-new Wild Seasons series that started with Sweet Filthy Boy—a story of friends, love, and lust.

Unlike her best friends Mia and Lola, Harlow Vega has a reputation for always being up for a fling. Twelve drunk and wild hours in Sin City married to the ridiculously hot and rugged Canadian fisherman Finn Roberts, who (no surprise) is amazing with his muscular hands--and his lips and the rest of his body--was just her speed.
But it was just a thing: dirty, rowdy, and easy...until Finn turns up in her hometown on business. Harlow's not ready to be tied down, but when the whole crew is hanging out together, there's just something about him. It may not be love (hell, it may not even be like), but their exciting, tension-filled hookups provide the perfect distraction from the scary life changes they're both facing--challenges neither is sure how to handle, let alone fix. One night together turns into two, and soon Finn's mysterious business trip as gone on for weeks. They agreed on the sex--wild, wet, kinky--but now their border-crossing booty call is starting to feel like the real deal. And for two people used to being in control, taking the ultimate plunge by falling in love feels a lot more like flat-out falling.


I was so, so excited to have a new Christina Lauren book in my hands and to finally read about the next couple in the Wild Seasons series! How excited, you might ask? Excited enough to nearly sprint across my lawn and tackle-hug my mailman when my Amazon package finally arrived. Ecstatic enough to squeal and flop-dive onto my couch and immediately begin devouring Dirty Rowdy Thing. Have you ever been on that level?? Well, that's what this fantastic author duo does to me!!! I just expect to be wow-ed every time, and you know what, they keep getting better and better...
I want to be messy, rough, a little dirty, a little taboo. I want to claim Harlow everywhere, try anything she wants, and see the mark of rope and teeth and spankings on her skin.

I like that she wants this as much as I do.
Dirty Rowdy Thing was downright delicious. Yes, I'm comparing this book to edible treats and goodies. Delightful. Exquisite. Mouth-watering. Finn Roberts and Harlow Vega had me practically drooling over every page, so I repeat, Dirty Rowdy Thing was delicious. I ate up every word that Christina Lauren dished out and loved it!

Take a sassy heroine with a hilariously quick mouth...a broody and rugged hero who likes to talk/play/f*ck dirty...and then bring those strong-willed forces together??? *satisfied groan* This couple had me blushing and were absolutely "Yes!" chant-worthy. (When I got to page 204... *slams post-it note down and bookmarks*) There was also that signature CL dialogue...There were nicknames and flirty banter...Sharp, witty, and oh-so-fun.
She gives me a cheeky grin. "Can I call you Captain?"
"Can I be your first mate? Will you swab my decks?"
I laugh as she wiggles in her seat. "You've lost your damn mind."
"Just trying to speak your language, Huckleberry."
Harlow and Finn start out as "just hookups," distractions from the issues in their lives that they're both desperate to fix but don't know how, but then they start to deviate from their original plan. *wide grin grows wider* I am a complete sucker for these kinds of stories! They get to know more and more about each other and connect. It's not just about blazing a scorching hot trail to the bedroom...There's also more intimate affection. The adorable phase, when everything feels CUTE and PERFECT, kicks in big time. I laughed, I loved the casual ease, I loved getting the genuinely tender moments, too...I loved getting a little bit of everything in this book! I reached the point where I officially could not stop smiling. My scribbles on some more post-it notes...

- *draws Finn + Harlow 4Eva in a heart*
- Everything is awwwesommme...
- *banshee shrieks*

There's usually a "comfort zone" in the middle of a book, where the reader gets to bask in the romance for a little while. A "Christina Lauren comfort zone", though, is magical perfection and gets you absolutely love-drunk off of it. It gets you buzzed, feeling good and happy. (It probably doesn't help that I heard Sebastian York's voice narrating as Finn, 99.99% of the time...)
"You want me just a little rough?" he asks, hands shaking where he cups my face. "Or do you want me fucking wild?"
Then, Finn and Harlow get a big shake-up in their story. And I'll admit...*shakes fist* Oooh, I was riled up. This part of the book drove me a little crazy. Sad Harlow killed me. :( A bit of pride and misunderstanding get in the way. I mumbled to myself that an awesome reunion better be down the road. It brought me back to my Beautiful Player feels, honestly! I knew how good the couple could be together, that balance of soft and electric, and I wanted to get back to that as soon as possible! 

Christina Lauren broke out their romance-voodoo, though, and somehow, I found myself laughing and smiling again. *narrows eyes at book, whispers "Damn, Christina Lauren, you're good..."* Yes, I got riled up, but ultimately there was a solution that worked for Finn and Harlow, and felt satisfying to me! The way it all came together made me want to hallelujah fist pump and cry out, "Yes! There's the couple I know and love!"

But it wasn't just Finn and Harlow that made this book a riot. This book proved something that I already knew, but that I'll always love being reminded of: These authors can write an incredible supporting cast. I loved the dynamic, the interactions...Big group scenes, heart-to-hearts with best friends, family moments that made me melt...Every side character had something to offer! (Hi, Ansel. I fell in love with you all over again, Sweet Filthy Boy.) They all have voice, personality, layers...things that make them come to life and leap off the pages. I mean, just imagine it...Sex and The City, but the Ansel, Finn, and Oliver version. ;) (Also, I need Roberts brothers spinoff books, STAT!!!)

This was just a fantastic book all around and another glorious adventure from Christina Lauren. If you love reading about characters who start out in a friends-with-benefits-type situation then unknowingly move toward L-O-V-E territory, or if you love a romance between two headstrong people who seem so different on the surface (*cough* Did I mention the age gap yet? *cough*) but find out they're so similar underneath, you're going to want to meet Finn and Harlow! They're sexy and hilarious, and they will take you on one thrilling ride!
"You did so good." I press my lips to her shoulder, drag my nose up her neck, and growl in her ear. "You did so fucking good, sweet girl."
Dirty Rowdy Thing is further proof  of why Christina Lauren books are automatic purchases, must reads, and 5 stars for me. I just have so much fun reading, adoring every second, all the way to the happy afterglow that never fails to happen. The writing style, the characters, and their wild stories always spark a pure exuberant bliss, and Dirty Rowdy Thing was everything I wanted and needed from a Christina Lauren book!


Wild Seasons, #1


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