2015 Holiday Gift Guide

In my #SockSunday post this week, I mentioned that a "Sock Sunday care package" would make a fantastic Christmas gift! Some festive socks, a unique mug, a new book...Throw them all together, and what's not to love??? Quite a few followers agreed with me and really loved the idea! I was so happy with all of the feedback that I started to think about other bookish gift ideas. So, here we are...The Teacups & Book Love Holiday Gift Guide! I hope you find something special for all the book lovers in your life, and happy shopping! :)


All of these items would go great in a "care package" for the bookworms in your life! With any of these, they'll be perfectly prepared for a cozy Sock Sunday...and a fabulous Instagram post. ;)
At the time of posting, the Book Riot store has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale going on for socks! Free shipping, as well!

Hot Sox has many different holiday patterns to choose from!

| Happy Socks | $12 |

If you want colorful and festive, this awesome brand has you covered! They also have free shipping for the holidays!  

| Blue Q Crew Socks | $10 |  

I love being able to make people laugh, so I'll take any chance I get to insert a little humor into a gift! Blue Q has plenty of hilarious and quirky options.

The number one sock question that my followers ask: "Where can I find cute knee highs?" Part one of my answer: I'm a huge fan of the brand Free People, so make sure to check out their site! A good variety to choose from AND good quality!

Part two of my knee-high answer: These Simply Vera marled socks are a less expensive option, but still great quality. I recently bought a pair at Kohl's, and I love them!

Next up in the Sock Sunday care package, you need your teacup! :) I love the festive gold detail on this Anthropologie mug, and the monogram gives it a nice personal touch for the gift recipient.

This Society6 shop has a *bunch* of beautiful designs to browse through! This Just Read mug is my favorite and, in fact, it's on my own holiday wishlist. ;)

This is another Society6 shop that has SO. MANY. DESIGNS. You can even get them on other things like tote bags and throw pillows, so I really recommend taking your time browsing through the shop to find something your special someone would love. I got this exact mug as an early Christmas present, and I adore it!

| Hey Shabby Me Mug | $13 | 

Uh, hello, ISN'T THIS MUG PERFECT FOR A SOCK SUNDAY CARE PACKAGE?!? *heart eyes* Hey Shabby Me is the same maker behind one of my very best blogger friends' (Natasha from Book Baristas!) custom mugs. They also make mugs for Vilma's Book Blog! So if you're a fan of either blog, check it out! This is also a great gift tip for all of you blog readers! Check to see if your favorite blogger has their own shop available on their websites. :)

I actually came across this Etsy shop thanks to Instagram! This mug looks so adorable, and I love the concept!  

These words just speak to my soul and, again, it's SO perfect for a Sock Sunday care package! There are also a lot more sweet and cute mugs available in this Etsy shop. 

| Blind Date With A Book | Starting at $13 | 

The final essential piece to the Sock Sunday care package is...a book! But don't feel like sending just any ol' paperback or a simple Barnes & Noble gift card? Here's a REALLY unique and creative gift idea: Send your loved one a "Blind Date With A Book" :D Each book is wrapped so you can't see the cover. You don't know the title or author. And you only get a few words as a short description. It's truly a surprise! How fun!

Here's a link to my full review for this masterpiece of a novel! I am an incredibly huge fan of Alessandra Torre, and she is on my select list of auto-buy authors and one of my go-to's for a sultry and riveting read! Tight, in particular, is one of my top favorite reads from 2015. 

This gift idea also acts as a shopping tip! Many authors offer links to buy signed paperbacks, just like Torre does. Some of my other faves include J. Daniels, Claire Contreras, and Krista & Becca Ritchie. Getting your fellow book lover a signed book adds a really nice personal touch to your gift. :) Find out if any of their favorite authors offer signed copies on their websites!

From the club's website: "This program provides a unique way for readers to connect with and create a wealth of great books. Each month, Harvard Book Store offers members a signed first edition of a newly published book, selected for both its literary merit and potential collectibility." 

You can gift a 6-month, 1-year, or an indefinite membership! If you feel like browsing the Harvard store even more, they carry other signed books as well, that can be purchased individually. (Again, this gift idea is also a shopping tip! Other book stores across the nation offer this 'signed' option as well. Call around to your local independent bookstores for more info!)

| E-Readers, E-Books, & Gift Cards |

If you're thinking of helping a book lover you know transition from physical copies to digital, e-readers, e-books, and gift cards are all perfect! Here are some suggestions:

*I am a happy Kindle user and highly recommend! Right now, the cheapest Kindle Fire is only $49.99! For the larger tablets, there is a 'Monthly Payments' option available that splits the total price into smaller, more affordable payments. Also, for the holidays, select Kindles are $20 off.

* Until 12/26 and while supplies last, you can get $50 off Nooks by Samsung Tablets! Barnes & Noble Members also save an extra 10% when they purchase a Nook GlowLight Plus.


These next few items are all gift ideas that have special literary touches!

| The Melting Library Hand Poured Candles | Starting at $10 |

I got really excited while browsing through this store! All of the different fragrances sound so amazing! They're also not your typical Christmastime scents, yet their rich, spiced notes fit the Winter season perfectly.

| Authored Adornments | Starting at $11 | 

You can find quotes from all of the classics incorporated into jewelry, keychains, and even bookmarks! If you know a fan of Jane Austen or Edgar Allen Poe, take a peek at these beauties! I have my eye on the Peter Pan cuff bracelet! ;) Or maybe an Alice in Wonderland piece...

| By the Book Boutique Jewelry, Keychains, & Notebooks |

These pieces are inspired by library catalog cards! I love the typewriter look!

| Novel Teas | $13 |

There are 25 tea bags included in this set! Each bag comes tagged with a literary quote. For example: "I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." - Jorge Luis Borges *heart eyes* *grabby hands*

| Out of Print Clothing Tees | $28 |

I love these book-inspired tshirts! Out of Print also sells SOCKS, MUGS, and tote bags!

| Storiarts Book Scarves | $45 |

Wrap yourself up in the pages of a book! :)

| Demeter Fragrance Library Paperback | From $6 to $40 |

This fragrance can be purchased in different sizes and is described as a "trip to your favorite library or used bookstore."

| Knock Knock's Personal Library Kit | $14 | 

I love this! Lol I am always so strict about lending my books to other people, even to my closest family and friends. If you know anyone who treats their bookshelves like their most prized possession, this is a fun gift!

| Paddywax Candles Library Collection | $21 | 

There are soy wax candles inspired by Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, and John Steinbeck. Scent combinations include Twain's tobacco and vanilla, Austen's gardenia and jasmine, and Dickens' tangerine, juniper, and clove. They all sound so amazing! A friend of mine bought me a Paddywax pumpkin spice candle for Christmas last year, and it smelled heavenly. I'd be so excited for a Library candle! 

| Chick Lit Designs Phone Cases | $29 |

These phone cases are SO adorable and are modeled after book covers! You can also purchase e-reader/tablet cases, clutches/purses, and quote necklaces! 

| We're All Stories In The End Tote Bag | $25 |

Great quotes on these tote bags! Perfect for carrying home books from the library or the bookstore! ;) 


These are all fun items that fit my style and likes, but aren't specifically bookish! :)

| Spotify Premium Membership Gift Card | Starting at $10 |

I have a page on this blog dedicated to playlists, so it's only fitting that I include a music-related gift! If I could only hand out one kind of gift card this year, it would be for Spotify! I am obsessed with this digital streaming service. It's so easy to use, works across computers/phones/tablets, and is worth every penny. I've discovered so much new music/artists thanks to Spotify. 

| Photo JoJo Battery Buddy | $50 |

I am always on my phone. Texting. Emailing. Using social media. And the one I use most of all? Hey-o, Instagram! So my battery tends to die quickly, and I hate searching for an outlet for an emergency charge. Therefore, the inspiration for this gift idea is, really...What would *I* want for Christmas?

This compact Battery Buddy from Photo JoJo (a great store if you know any photographers!) can charge your phone up to FIVE times before it needs to be recharged itself. It also has two USB ports, so you can share with a friend.

| Polaroid Snap Instant Camera | $99 |

And speaking of 'Insta'...I love this Polaroid camera! My cousin brought it with us during our recent family vacation to Disneyland, and we had a blast using it! The camera takes the photo and prints, all from the same device. It ALSO saves digital copies to an SD card. This was even in the product description: "Save a digital copy for latergramming." Heh.

| Kate Spade Small Cedar Street Stacy | $78 | 

Ever go to a concert, or a food/music festival, or..say...a book signing?? And you didn't want to carry around a big wallet or purse? All you need are the basics...Well, this baby is a great size! This compact, perfect-for-traveling wallet can even be monogrammed! Girlfriends, mom, sisters...This would be a super cute gift for any of them. Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands ever.

| Paper Source Quotations Journals Set of 8 | $14 |

As someone who takes her office space seriously and is very much a planner at heart, I love using little notebooks to organize ideas, memos, and lists. (They're very handy for blog stuff, too!) This set comes with EIGHT adorable journals, so there's plenty of room to write! The colorful, motivational quotes are also awesome.

| May Designs Custom Notebook | $20 |

I actually found out about May Designs when Vilma posted a pic on her Instagram! The bright and beautiful designs are so eye-catching and pretty. AND, clearly, I like monograms/being able to slap my name on something. This is a simple gift for students or friends from the office (or anyone, really), but the monogram takes an ordinary item and makes it more personal. 

| Olivine Atelier Love + Salt Set | $26 | 

These beauty mists use ingredients like French sea salt and flower extracts to help soften and rejuvenate the skin. My sister bought me the Love + Salt mist, which also helps to add texture and beachy waves to your hair, and I really fell in love with it! There's even a "sparkling pink butter" bath salt! (Yes, I am a complete sucker for charming labels and packaging...) 

| The Courage Necklace | $25 |

"Courage, dear heart" is a quote from the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, and I love the inspirational sentiment behind it. 

| Not All Who Wander Are Lost Necklace | $25 |

I also love this piece inspired by the J.R.R. Tolkien/Lord of the Rings quote! I definitely recommend looking through all of Blessings and Brass's unique pieces.  

| Teavana Cider Tea Flight | $25 |

For my fellow tea enthusiasts! This is one of my favorite tea gift sets! Spiced apple cider rooibos, mulled pomegranate, and poached pear cider! These flavors are perfect for the season!

| Tea & Books The Greatest Love Story Ever Written Mug | $12 | 

Last but not least, I had to sneak one more mug onto this list! ('Teacups' is in my blog name, so don't judge me!!!)  

I hope you found this gift guide helpful and found a few things that you liked, whether it's for gifts or for yourself! ;) Or, at the very least, it got your brain working on what to get the special bookworm in your life. Have a merry Christmas, everyone! <3