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The promo tour for Krista & Becca Ritchie's next book is in full swing! Raise your hand if you are ON THE VERGE OF HYPERVENTILATING because Fuel the Fire is finally here?!? *waves both hands in the air* Today, I'm so excited to share a fantastic interview with the Addicted cast! One of my favorite things about this group is their dynamic. The banter. The chemistry. Because when they're all in a room together? We all know how amazing it is, right? So, for this interview, I wanted to mix things up a do something that would push their buttons a little...*eyes light up* Want to find out what happened? ;)

Ryke gives me a glare. “Why don’t you write a fucking book?” he says. “You could call it: Perks of Dating a Female Sex Addict.”

“Or you could write one,” I shoot back, rising to my feet. “Perks of Having the Hots for a Sixteen-Year-Old Supermodel and Having to Wait until She Turns Eighteen, Only to be Cock-Blocked by Your Bastard Half-Brother.” I flash a bitter smile.

“That title needs some work,” Connor says, clipping on his Rolex watch. “And that’s if we all agree Ryke can write a full-length novel.”

“Dude, I was a fucking journalism major.”

“And look how far that got you.”

- Addicted After All
That simple conversation in Addicted After All inspired this entire interview: If the Addicted crew could write their own novels, what genre would they even pick? And what would they put on their “inspiration boards”? It sounds fun and interesting enough, right? Maybe Rose would write about fashion. Maybe Lily would rather publish her own graphic novel. I’d love for Daisy to write a collection of travel essays. But, you know, the more I thought about it…the more I wanted to make this idea even better.

What if the characters were paired up? What if they teamed up as author duos, just like Krista & Becca Ritchie. But wait…you’re probably already linking Lily with Loren, Rose with Connor, Ryke with Daisy…Nope. Stop right there. Instead, what if the pairs looked like this:

Lily Hale & Daisy Calloway.

Ryke Meadows & Connor Cobalt.

And last but not leastRose Cobalt & Loren Hale.

Did your eyebrows perk up, wondering how the hell is that supposed to work??? Well, all six were emailed a set of questions and given enough time to plan something together. Time to really think about the experience of writing a novel, as a…single creative unit. And the results? You couldn't possibly see any of it coming...


Jullie: Welcome back, guys! Glad to have you here for another interview. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this project! Did everything work out all right? Did everybody…play nice? ;)

Lily: We made sure there were no sharp items around Rose & Loren during their brainstorming session.

Loren: You forgot to clip her talons *flashes dry smile at Rose*

Rose: *crosses her arm and looks to Lily* You forgot to remove his vocal cords.

Loren: See, she wanted to do this project herself—

Rose: It would’ve been easier. And you were reading a comic book half the time we were discussing.

Loren: Because staring at your face for too long gives me pink eye.

Connor: *cuts in* It looks like you both worked well enough to finish. *motions to the folder in Rose’s hands*

Rose: I’ve never turned in a project late. *raises her chin in pride*

Connor: *grins more* I had a decent time. My partner said a total of four words in the span of ten minutes. Two of the four were woof.

Ryke: Fucking hilarious, Cobalt.

Connor: Are you always this forthcoming in group projects or just with me?

Ryke: *flips him off*

Loren: Seriously, did you two discuss this at all?

Ryke: We put our fucking thoughts out there.

Connor: It’s as cohesive as you’d expect from us.

Jullie: *coughs into her hand to hide laughter, looks to Daisy, still optimistic*

Daisy: Lil and I had a good time. *nudges Lily’s side*

Lily: Yep—we kind of digressed a few times, but I think we came up with the an original book concept.

Daisy: *wags brows* We nailed it.

Lily: …but not like a dirty kind of nailing *whispers* When you wag your brows, people think it’s sexual.

Daisy: It could be. *grins*

Lily: Ohmygodohmygod... I know everyone expects me to have a book about sex, but it’s not what I want the world to know me for—even though I know it may be…but I just want to make an effort to show other sides of me.

Daisy: I’m just joking, Lily. *hugs her sister* It’s not a book about sex, just so everyone knows in advance. It’s much better than sex.

Jullie: Okay, my little writing duos! Each pair was given their own set of questions, a fun Authors-Style Q&A to go along with your novels' inspiration boards. I’m so excited to hear what you came up with! Lily and Daisy, we’ll go ahead and start with you two.

Daisy: We give you, The Mortal & the Mermaid: a Quest for Magical Rainbow Sprinkles with Teleportation Powers.
Connor: So, the sprinkles have teleportation powers, and they keep changing locations.

Lily: What? No. The sprinkles contain teleportation powers, so when you eat them, you can teleport everywhere.

Daisy: And the mermaid befriends the mortal girl, and they travel along the sea to find said sprinkles.

Lily: Because the mortal girl wants to be able to teleport to anywhere the mermaid travels.

Daisy: So they can be friends forever.

Lily: And ever.

Daisy: And ever and ever.

Lily: And ever and ever and—

Ryke: Okay, we fucking got it. You want to be friends forever.

Lily: Not us, the mortal and the mermaid.

Daisy: Yeah. *smiles* Lily and I don’t need any sprinkles to be friends forever. Though I kind of want something with sprinkles now.

Ryke: We should ride to the bakery beside Lucky’s after this. *combs the hair off her cheek with the scar*

Daisy: *smiles wider* A sprinkle run with Ryke Meadows.

Ryke: I don’t make them for just anyone, sweetheart.

Daisy: Only the girls chasing after the sprinkles?

Ryke: Yeah, only that fucking girl. And I’m staring right at her. *his hand is lost in her hair*

Loren: *coughs into his palm*

Ryke: *rolls his eyes* What?

Loren: Sorry, teleportation sprinkle got lodged in my throat. I’m waiting for the powers to kick in so I can teleport out of here.

Ryke: Yeah? What happened to fucking walking?

Loren: That’s too much work, bro.

Jullie: *suddenly holds up paper with interview questions, diverting attention* Alriiight, Lily and Daisy...First question: Would you be pro-models for the cover of your book? Or would you want something more abstract and whimsical?

Lily: Hmm, I think I’d want two girls on the cover or the sea.

Daisy:  The Mermaid and the Mortal front and center, I like it.

Rose: *peers closer at the pictures* Is no one going to comment on the donut?

Loren: *looks closer* Huh, is this a hunt for a donut? That changes everything.

Lily: Daisy picked that one out.

Daisy: I was thinking that maybe a donut was there as sustenance for the girls.

Connor: Mermaids eating donuts. The level of reality has now just plummeted to zero, not to say it was high anyway.

Daisy: Donut go breaking my heart *bats eyelashes with big green doe eyes*

Jullie: *fights back grin* Next question: Between the two of you, who’s more likely to knock back the Lightning Bolts! and write all night long?

Daisy: I’d knock back the Lightning Bolts, but is this writing on the computer? Or can I just talk it out while doing something else?

Connor: The word “write” implies that you’re writing it.

Ryke: Don’t be an ass, Cobalt.

Connor: When people ask self-explanatory questions, expecting an answer, the answer has a way of making me look like an ass. Maybe the solution is that people should stop asking self-explanatory questions, not that I should stop answering.

Ryke: I already want to punch you and we haven’t even reached our own fucking book yet.

Daisy: It’s okay, you guys. I think I’d take shifts, what do you think, Lil?

Lily: Yeah, I like the shifts idea. So we’ll both drink some Lightning Bolts! and then take turns.

Jullie: If you were to get swag made to give away to your readers, what’s an item that you would definitely want?

Daisy: Friendship bracelets and sprinkle cupcakes.

Lily: *nods* And the friendship bracelets should have mermaid charms with a regular, mortal girl.

Jullie: *daydreams about mermaid friendship bracelets* *shakes head to refocus, shuffles notes* Next up…Ryke and Connor, what's your book about? *big huge grin*

Ryke: I titled it, Life in the Wild, so it’s journal entries about a guy on his travels alone.

Connor: I retitled it, Life in the Wild: One Man’s Tale of Boredom. The book is one page since the man dies early on of severe malnutrition and lack of social interaction.

Ryke: It’s longer than one fucking page.

Connor: I thought I was doing you a favor. I didn’t think you could write more than that.

Ryke: Fuck you.

Connor: I don’t think it can be called a book if all that’s written is 'fuck you' on every journal page, but it’s understandable that this man would be feeling this way. He’s alone without any human contact or mental stimulation. I can’t fault him for being inarticulate, especially assuming he’s suffering from dehydration and whatever else will kill him.

Ryke: *shakes his head repeatedly* What’s the next question?

Jullie: Do you think you’d outline every detail of the book first or try “pantsing”, aka winging it?

Connor: I think an outline would be unnecessary given the length of the book.

Ryke: I’d rip apart his fucking outline anyway.

Jullie: Right...So, do you prefer big books? What would the word count look like for your novel?

Ryke: I’d like it to be about two-hundred pages.

Connor: *has trouble containing a grin* He’ll never live that long.

Ryke: Maybe you wouldn’t.

Connor: It’s fiction. You do know what fiction is?

Ryke: Is he fucking aggravating anyone else but me?

Rose: I have a slight headache. *presses fingers to her temple*

Connor: You can’t keep up with me, darling? *brushes her hair off her neck*

Rose: *glares* Your ego is pressing on my frontal lobe, Richard.

Jullie: This question was already included with your for whether or not it ended up fitting your novel, well...I'll ask anyway. *innocent smile* Who would be in charge of writing any romance/sex scenes?

Connor: There clearly wouldn’t be anything sexy if this man is alone, without out any human contact to mentally or physically stimulate him.

Ryke: It’s not as fucking bad as he’s making it sound.

Connor: I’m stating facts, so if it sounds bad to you, then it's likely it is.

Ryke: I’m never writing a fucking book with him.

Jullie: *trying so hard to keep a straight face* And last but certainly not least, the remaining members of the hot tempered tria-…I mean…*clears throat* Rose and Loren.

Rose: I would write a how to guide—

Loren: I’m sorry, is your name now Rose Cobalt Loren Hale?

Rose: *glares* Everyone knows I’m going to be actually writing the book.

Loren: My name is still on it. *flashes dry smile*

Rose: Ugh, fine. We’d write a how to guide called How to Feel Fabulous for Any Occasion.

Loren: ...As Told by the Wicked Witch.

Rose: The Wicked Witch is most likely copyrighted, so you can return your idea to your head, Loren.

Loren: I’d get the license or whatever the hell I need. My idea stays, Rose.

Rose: So you’re just going to amend everything I write then?

Loren: With doodles.

Rose: *glowers* You’re going to doodle over my words?

Loren: No, I wouldn’t be that mean. I’m going to doodle around your words.

Rose: Why are you just now telling me this?

Loren: *nods to her binder* Because you would’ve never added it to your little chart. And I like seeing your icicle face unfreeze in surprise.

Rose: I loathe you.

Jullie: *cuts in, in a cheery voice* Many authors include music as a big part of their writing process. Would either of you create playlists?

Rose: I’d put on music with powerful female vocals—

Loren: And then I’d play dubstep over it.

Rose: *opens her binder*

Loren: Are you marking this in your spreadsheet, Queen Rose?

Rose: I’m making a note to cut out your vocal cords later.

Loren: *whistles* You have to schedule that in? Can’t even remember to perform your voodoo magic on Wednesday at five p.m.

Rose: *raises her hand to silence him*

Loren: *mockingly touches his vocal cords* Nope, nothing. You need to work on your spells.

Jullie: *glances between Rose & Loren* Do you think you’d ever cry while writing an emotional or crucial scene?

Rose: *snorts* Of course not.

Loren: Even though a kitten dies somewhere when I agree with Rose, I’d also have to say, no goddamn way.

Jullie: And for your last question...Would you ever use Connor, Lily, Ryke, or Daisy as character inspiration?

Rose: All my sisters inspire me.

Lily: *beams* Really?

Rose: Why is that surprising?

Lily: Because you inspire me.

Rose: They’re not mutually exclusive. We can inspire each other.

Lily: *nods with a smile* I like that.

Loren: For the subject of this book, Rose would be my… *cringes at the word inspiration and muse*

Rose: *cringes too* Don’t say it.

Loren: Jesus, I’m trying not to. *shifts uncomfortably in his seat*

Jullie: Well, now that we’ve heard from everyone, the big question is…whose book is most likely to be a best seller??

Loren: Lil’s and Daisy’s.

Connor: I have to agree, based on the dysfunction of the other two, but if Rose and I were writing alone or together, there’d be a different outcome.

Rose: *nods* Lily & Daisy.

Ryke: Lily and Daisy.

Daisy: *stands theatrically on the couch beside Ryke* Mermaid friendship for the win!

Lily: And mortal friendship. *nods proudly*

Ryke: *stands and tosses Daisy over his shoulder (she’s laughing)* Let’s get some fucking sprinkles, Calloway.

Daisy: *bites his shoulder playfully*

Jullie: Thank you so much for doing this, everyone!

Lily: Since there was no blood shed or a fist fight, it’s a big success. Right?

Rose: I suppose. *shuts binder*

Loren: Rose is sad she lost.

Rose: Maybe if you didn’t amend my presentation.

Loren: It was better with the addition. Everyone knows it.

Rose: *Almost springs up, but Connor holds her around the waist and kisses the base of her neck. She relaxes.*

Connor: *looks to Jullie* Thanks for having us, Jullie.

Lily: Oh, yeah I meant to say that too! Thanks, Jullie.

Rose: Thank you, Jullie.

Loren: *nods* On behalf of my missing brother and his girlfriend, thanks.


Calloway Sisters, #3
Protect your family. At all costs.

It’d take the impossible to hurt Connor Cobalt, even for a moment.

Protect your family. At all costs.

At twenty-six, his narcissistic tendencies have made room for the people he loves.

Protect your family. At all costs.

And he loves Rose. But when his love is threatened, when his greatest dreams with her are compromised — what is the cost then?

Protect your family. At all costs.

Love will guide his choices.
For the first time in his life.

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Krista & Becca Ritchie are identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

They are the New Adult authors of the Addicted series and Calloway Sisters spin-off series, and you can find them on almost every social media, frolicking around like wannabe unicorns.