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*** Final Call is the conclusion to Aaron and Dayton's story. It is not a standalone and Late Call must be read first. ***
We crashed and burned like a falling plane. Hard and fast with an inevitable explosion. Another few weeks together changed my life the way the first did. At twenty-four, I became naïve again. I became a dreamer again. A believer. And walking away hurts just as much as it did seven years ago.

But over doesn’t have to mean over-at least in Aaron Stone’s mind. His pursuit is relentless, his determination unwavering. He’ll go to any lengths to keep me and prove that I belong to him. Unfortunately, love isn’t easy, and whether or not I forgive him is irrelevant to his past catching up with us. Once again, our relationship is haunted by a secret, one that could destroy everything, and the secret is born from the need to protect the other…

But the tables have turned, because the secret is mine.

This was weak-in-the-knees, heart-fluttering book love! Final Call had everything that I adored in the first book--sex, sass, and sweet romance--but there was also much more this time around. Emma Hart's brilliant, knockout writing swept me off my feet once again, and Aaron Stone and Dayton Black are officially on my bookshelf as one of my favorite couples ever!
I shouldn't miss him at all. But I do.
I miss him the way I love him.
Book two picks up right where book one left off, with Dayton still reeling after Aaron's big secret was revealed in Paris. We're immediately reacquainted with Dayton's fiery attitude, her no-BS smart mouth that made me declare "love at first read." In the beginning, I was feeling just as hot-headed and devastated as she was!
"You might own my heart, Aaron Stone, but that doesn't give you the right to abuse it...all I see is a man unwilling to admit his mistakes...And for a man so confident and powerful, it's not a good look for you."
"Insults now?"
"No, the truth. Isn't it a bitch?" 
There was smart to her bitchy side, though. I get turned off by heroines who reduce themselves to brats, so I absolutely loved how Dayton always retained her witty, sharp tongue even when she was most furious. There were moments--throughout the entire book, really--when she was unapologetically blunt and unleashed her wrath.
Aaron and Dayton had some rebuilding to do. Fortunately, Dayton was able to express all of her anger upfront, but this particular drama didn't drag out excessively. The board was ultimately wiped clear. A deep breath. A fresh start. A chance at real with no pretense of client/escort, no forced ties with rates and payments!
His fingers ghost along my neck and collarbone and come to a rest above my heart. It beats faster at his touch, and his lips twitch. "I broke your heart, and now you have to let me fix it." 
When they were able to find that new starting point, I had a "SQUEEE! Aaand, they're back!" moment! Aaron and Dayton are such kickass, fierce characters, but underneath the bravado and sensuality, they're incredibly endearing. Aaron is demanding and possessive, yet tender in the way he's utterly devoted to this one woman and one woman only. Dayton is a superwoman most of the time (seriously, lingerie is like her superhero mask), but she is human, with fears and insecurities like the rest of us. As a couple, they were just a strong, heady blend.
When the elevator doors close, I lean up and whisper in his ear, "I can play dirty, too."
"I play more than dirty, sweetheart. I play downright filthy." He presses a chaste kiss to my lips. "And if you keep playing dirty, I'm not promising I'll be able to behave for very long." 
But, of course, something else had to weasel its way in. This time around, the big secret was Dayton's to keep. It became a ticking bomb for her while she tried to bear the burden alone, a countdown to not only her ruin, but Aaron's.
As the clock runs down, though, we at least get to see Aaron and Dayton in a relationship! Aaron was wholly determined to prove his faith in Dayton and their life together. I would melt every time he catered to her...Pampered. Indulged. Satisfied...Those moments were so heavenly! Even something as simple as using her "Bambi" nickname turned me to mush! wouldn't be a complete Aaron Stone and Dayton Black love story unless we got downright filthy, too. ;) I loved their push and pull, the sarcastic quips, and slick banter. So. Much. But these two!? These two mastered the art of the fuck-threat, the lust-crazed declarations of I'm going to wreck you in the bedroom.
"Pack this," he orders. "There's a bay window seat in the master bedroom that looks onto the Eiffel Tower."
"What relevance does that have to the red corset?"
He lowers his mouth to my ear, whispering, "It'll add to the view when I bend you over the seat and fuck you."
Their bedroom (...sometimes not the bedroom...*wink*) scenes were electric. A fully-charged blend of raw lust and uninhibited desire with a very real and intimate love. Happily ever after felt like it was right there! I could taste it!
"Every time I kiss you, I taste the rest of my life. I won't stop fighting for you until you taste yours, too." 
We also see more of the people closest to Aaron and Dayton in this book, like Aaron's parents and Dayton's Aunt Leigh. We get that sense of them building a future around each other. The one I was most excited to meet, though? Tyler. Stone. I LOVED TY. I adored his sass, his boyish charm, and especially his quick bond with Dayton. (This was not fair, Emma Hart. TWO Stone men in one book?! I could've died...)
"Trust me, if you weren't my cousin's girlfriend, I wouldn't be serving coffee on this table. I'd be serving you me." 
Tyler also allowed me to exhale at least a mini-breath of relief because Dayton lets Tyler in on her little secret, and she finally has someone on her side to talk to about it with. He was a much-needed friend and confidant. 
"Promise you won't think any less of me."
"My cousin, my best friend, loves you. I thought the world of you before I knew you."
Just when my nerves were starting to fray over it all, waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop, Aaron Stone proved why he is damn near perfect. (I've latched on to this character like a koala.) The truth finally does come out, but instead of another disaster...We see exactly how protective, powerful, and resourceful Aaron Stone is.
He will go to any lengths and spend any amount of money to keep Dayton happy and safe. Money is no object. Power? There is no question. For example...Aaron suggests a particular solution to their problem, and it's very reminiscent of that scene in Inception where Saito bought the airline because it seemed neater...Aaron Stone can be bossy and arrogant at times, but goddamn do you believe every word he says! So when Dayton thought her world was about to unravel...Really...She should have known that Aaron would have never allowed that to happen. ;)
I look at him for a long moment before sitting back. "You really have thought of everything, haven't you, Mr. Stone?" 
*keysmash keysmash keysmash...GRINS* In the end, I got the happily ever after that I was pining for! It really was delicious, heartwarming bliss! Emma Hart wrote a stunning conclusion to this powerhouse couple's story, and I loved every word of it!
Oh...and I even loved the epilogue. One word was all I needed: Tyler. ;) Do you ever get that feeling when you take an instant liking to a supporting/secondary character, "Ya know, if [he/she] had their own book, I would totally read it." That's how you know you absolutely love them, and that's exactly what I thought as soon as Tyler Stone entered the picture! So, imagine my pure elation when I got through the epilogue! *sea lion bark-clap* Actual squee-ing may have gone down...Perhaps an enthusiastic fist pump...YES YES YES I want his story! I can not wait for more! This series is a MUST read, and I just know that another wild ride is ahead! :)


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