National Library Week!

Every Wednesday, you can find me in my nephew's kindergarten classroom. Cutting, gluing, and painting various crafts. I always enjoy my time spent volunteering because the kids are so sweet and a joy to work with! Plus, as it turns out, Wednesday is a pretty special day of the week for them.

Wednesday is Library Day.

The kids spend about 30-45 minutes at the library. First, they're told to sit quietly on the carpet and wait for story time...But they always ooh-and-aah loudly as soon as they walk in. Next, they're supposed to browse through the bookshelves and carefully pick one book to check out...They always run, and they always grab as many as their tiny arms can carry. Their shouts echo throughout the big open room, "Look! Look what I got!"

It's an exuberance that I can't help but be amazed by. Every single time, their eyes are bright with fascination. Not too long ago, I was that little kid. I can still remember walking up and down the aisles like I was lost in a maze, running my fingers across spines as I passed. "Oh, which one...Which one should I..." I would think to myself, daydreaming of reading every single one I laid eyes on. The bookshelves towered over me and seemed to stretch on forever.

The library is a haven, a place to be cherished. 

Last week, my nephew's school had their annual Book Fair. The little guy dragged me by my hand and wouldn't let go until we were outside the door. He jumped up and down, chanting, "Li-berry! Li-berry! Li-berry!" You guys, I couldn't deny him his li-berries.

When we walked in, the expression on his face was priceless. It was Christmas morning, and birthday cake, and new was ten different kinds of happy rolled into one big smile. He didn't even care when I told him that the science books he was looking at were for 4th and 5th graders "only." He just wanted to take it all in. Young, eager fingertips tapped across words and pictures, searching and selecting.

By the time we finished paying for his books...a tall stack, of nephew was wishing that the fair was every week. He wanted to buy books every day. He promised to read. Every. Day. It was the kind of moment that made me want to put a little bubble around it and hope that kind of passion and enthusiasm never burned out. I wanted to write a little note on that bubble, to him, "Please, pretty please, never forget that you said this."

Finally, as we were walking out, he held my hand and just sighed, "I love books."